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Multilingual-based Korean Language
Education Platform

Solely with a smartphone anywhere in the world, you can get access to Hangeul and Korean culture by level and theme through MYPOOL.Through the long-term memory learning process, you can improve your Korean in a short period of time.It is currently
available in English, Chinese, Indonesian, and
Vietnamese.Russian, Spanish, etc. will be expanded
in the second half of the year.


To provide our service for anyone in the
world,our app is available in
English, Chinese,and various

Smart Learning

Learn Korean smart,
with our effective 2-step process,
video lessons, quizzes including
speaking practice.

Korean Culture

No more dull Korean lectures!
Let’s make the learning fun with
Korean Wave and Korean culture!

Learn Korean?
Learn Korea!

Introduction to MYPOOL system

Clean and tidy UXUI

MYPOOL video lessons provide an
optimized UX, UI for learning. We designed it so that users can focus solely on the course by
eliminating all unnecessary elements.

Combining Smart Learning with Quizes and Speaking Practice

After years of research, MYPOOL LABS has found a way for users to memorize their learning content in a short period.
Immediately after the lecture, quiz, and speaking practice to make the user
remember the contents of the lesson.

Analysis of learning weaknesses and learning propensity of users

MYPOOL introduces the latest artificial
intelligence to analyze and inform users of their learning weaknesses. Moreover,
it analyzes the user's preferred learning content and shows the same type
of content.

Anywhere any time, You can learn Korean